36" Bamboo Cane
Spartacus Leathers SM Tools Canes. 36" Bamboo Cane Spartacus canes are made with real bamboo. Sheppard's curved handle with a...
Asylum Prescription Pain Paddle
We are going to have to keep you. Asylum the beginner-to-intermediate Asylum line of bondage accessories takes fantasy to a...
Asylum Speculum
Asylum Speculum includes two sanitized, bi-valved specula for role play. Provides visual access to the perineal region. Squeeze handles to...
Black Crop
Flexible black crop with a looped leather tip.    Total length measures approximately 20".
Crop Leather Black
Black leather crop with heart shaped tip. Easy to handle no-slip grip. Approximately 22 inches long.
Crop Leather Purple
No-slip handle. Purple leather. Clapper tip, total length approximately 32 inches long.
Crop Leather Red
Red leather crop. Black heart shaped leather tip. Easy to handle no-slip grip. Approximately 22 inches long.
Heart Cutout Paddle
Spice up your spankings with this adorable Heart Cutout Paddle! The paddle is made of thick, durable leather and the...
Heart-On Paddle
Leather paddle with cut in three hearts and stitching around the edges for added durability. Available in black, red, and...
Heart-Shaped Paddle
Black leather paddle with red leather heart and shiny rivets.    
Leather Impressions Paddle
Leave an impression with this frisky and fun leather paddle! Each one is lettered with your favorite naughty word and...
Metal Cane
This wicked metal cane packs some serious sting!    Total length measures approximately 20".

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