5-Wheel Wartenberg Wheel
 The 5 Wheel Pinwheel has 95 stimulating needles on 5 individually rotating wheels each with 20 pins.
Colored Lube Shooter
Get it between the cheeks, not on the sheets! This disposable lube applicator is now available in an array of...
6-Piece Rotary Cupping Set
This 6-Piece Rotary Cupping Set is a unique way to relieve sore and aching muscles, explore erotic massage, or use...
Easy Clean Enema Bulb and Lube Launcher Kit
Get cleaned out and ready for action with this classic and easy to use cleansing system. The flush bulb has...
CleanStream Anal Lube and Enema Kit
We have combined our powerful anal numbing lubricant with our best selling enema bulb for a combo pack designed to...

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